Orange Peeler Vendor

Easy to peel the apples, carrots, cucumber, especially orange
Stainless steel blade, no skills required safe peeling
Convenient hanging storage
Comfortable grip in the middle circle
Multipurpose can also be used for skinning orange
Refusing finger cuts simple peeling
Save time and effort

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 11 × 2 cm



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Details about Orange Peeler Vendor

Simple and convenient, let you peeling fruit skin and enjoy it
Export quality using food-grade blades, excluding lead, nickel and other harmful heavy metals
High-quality stainless steel with surface bright, high temperature heat treatment hardness of 58 degrees, sharp and durable.
Convenient collection of ergonomic design, hand-held comfortable middle ring design, convenient storage to take the usual hanging.
Eating fruit like this no wasteful and safe, saving time

How to use of Orange peeler ?
1. Right ring finger placed in the circle, index finger, middle finger and thumb fixed blade,
2. Blade close to the surface of the fruit, thumb and hand as a whole forward push, fruit skin easily removed, do not use force.
3. The blade turns with the fruit until the fruit peels

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