Vegetable Wavy Crinkle Chopper Knife

FAST AND FANCY CUTS – worked perfectly while saving me tons of time and money.
ADD STYLE TO YOUR FOOD – chopping onion, veggies, cutting fruit, waffle fries, pickle chips, easy egg salad and making fancy garnishes for nice food presentation.
STURDY DESIGN –Made of Stainless Steel and Plastic Handle, it is a cute kitchen knife. Sharp steel blade is sturdy and durable for effortless slicing.
HAVE A Funny FAMILY COOKING ACTIVITIES – Slicing Helper, you can enjoy the cutting work together with your kids, lover, family or friends to have more fun, also can be gift for others.
ASSORTED COLORS – Comes in either red, green, or purple.

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.5 cm

Food grade stainless steel+ PP handle


Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow

Details about Vegetable Wavy Crinkle Chopper Knife

It fits for chopping vegetables, cutting fruit, onions, cabbage, French, fries waffle fries, pickle chips, carrots, potato chips, and cucumber etc. wave cut vegetables and decorative cuts. Add interest to platters with this crinkle cutter

So much easier and faster than using a knife for quick dicing of onions. Which save your money and tons of time

Have a funny family dinner or BBQ with your children by using our safe fruit/vegetable knife

Easy to wash,  once you finish the cooking job,  please use the water to wash it quickly,  and keep it dry for longer use.

If the children use this crinkle cutter chopper knife, the parents must guide how to use this chopper knife.

Wave-shaped, let your fruits and vegetable refuse boredom. After a busy working day, leave the company and go home to find your own happiness and enjoy the joy of cooking.
Well-designed, just for your better life, accurate control and enjoy healthy life
Food-grade material is healthy and safe. It is made of food-grade stainless steel. The surface is hard and smooth without burrs. Direct contact with food. High-quality stainless steel blade, wear-resistant and not blunt for longer life.
Wave shape, cut out differently: The product adopts a wave shape knife-edge design and a wave pattern to easily cut out various kinds of flowers and melon, which is even and beautiful, and the operation is simple and effortless.
Curved handle, comfortable grip: Humanized design curved handle, high temperature resistant PP material, fine workmanship without burrs, comfortable and effortless grip. The concave and convex position of the handle plays a non-slip function, which is convenient to use.
Small size and easy storage:  The overall shape design of the product is small and convenient, reducing the space occupied, fast storage, and easier to put.

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