Manual Press Juicer with long handle spoon

Manual lemon clip, healthy new life, humanized design, easy to operate, effortless to use, easy to clean, original juice and original flavor.

Weight 295 g
Dimensions 22 × 7.5 × 6 cm

aluminum alloy


Yellow + Green

Details about Manual Press Juicer with long handle spoon

1. Durable and healthy materials: aluminum alloy material, excellent zinc alloy, long service life and healthy use.
2. Juicing hole: multi-directional juicing hole smooth, double-layer design
3. Easy to use: elderly and children can press easily, the lever is designed to save force, and fresh juice can be squeezed by hand.
4.With a manual fruit juicer, you don’t have to worry about a bad taste in an electric juicer.
5. easy to rinse, full body rinse, just one flush

Applicable population:
The elderly have bad teeth and can’t eat fruit easily.
White collar workers are too busy to eat a lot of fruit, which can be directly and freshly juiced to supplement the body’s vitamin needs.
Children are picky eaters of fruit, which is a single, straightforward juice

Directions for use:
1. Lemon halves
2. Place half of the lemon face down.
3. Press down hard with both hands.
4. A glass of fresh lemonade to finish

Use for  kiwi, peach, orange, mango, snow pear, watermelon, lemon and other fruits.

Manual lemon clip, easy living, original flavor, health you and me he.

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