Fruit Knives factory

The cutting tool is easy to cut fruits and vegetables.
The egronomically designed knife handles – provide you with a superior comfort & non slip grip for better control and balance

Weight 78 g
Dimensions 23.5 × 2 cm

Stainless steel 4Cr13


YES, so we accept small orders


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we accept to customize your pacakage

Details about Fruit Knives factory

1.Full stainless steel is integrated, which is durable, easy to clean without hiding dirty.
2.Strong, durable knives for perfect stability and control. Lightweight knives that slice, carve, and chop
3.The blade is sharp and durable, saving time and effort in cutting.
4.The blade is finely sharpened by hand, and the blade of full stainless steel is light and durable.
5.The curved grip is comfortable, and fits the grip strength of the hand, the hand is not tired after using a long time

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