Candle Wick Scissors Factory

Precise cut ensures a cleaner, safer candle burning.
Once cut, trimmings are collected in a built-in debris tray for easy disposal.
The wick trimmers are made of polished stainless steel with colorful paint have a long life。
Made of stainless steel, it is not easy to rust and durability.
The handle is long enough to get into most candle jars, and the cut piece of wick usually sits right on top of the end, so it’s easy to remove without having to turn the candle upside down.

Weight 96 g
Dimensions 19.5 × 6 cm

Stainless steel 3CR13


YES, we have stock for candle shears, and accept the small MOQ


As photos, Gold, Black, Silver , yellow or customize


Customize your pacakge

Details about Candle Wick Scissors Factory

The cutting edge of candle scissors is sharp and fast to cut off without producing black smoke, and burning more thoroughly.
The humanized handle is beautiful and durable, and the oblique mouth design makes it easier to use.
Do not wash with strong alkaline or corrosive liquids to avoid rust or reduce product life.

How to use of candle scissors set?
1.The wick should be trimmed when the candle is just extinguished or burned.It easy to cut the wick of a candle that is in a deep jar.
2.Cover the burning candle for 20-25 seconds to exting the handle.
It is used to extinguish candle’s flame without spill of wax.
3.Press the burning wick into the candle liquid to extinguish the candle. Also helps prime the wick for future burning.

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