Cooking Shears China

This Kitchen Shears is pretty sharp, easy to use
makes you feel completely in control.
perfect for cutting veggies,meat, ribs etc.

Weight 204 g
Dimensions 24 × 7 cm





As photos or customize



Details about Cooking Shears China

High-grade stainless steel material with hard blade.
safety lock of handle bottom makes the scissors safer to use.
Nice appearance, safe and comfortable with non-slip handle

Attention of use shears.
1.Scissors are very sharp, please be careful to use.
2.Keep the scissors out of the reach of children.
3.Please wipe with a dry towel to clean up it.
4.Please do not bake the scissors directly with fire or put it in water for too long.
5.Here are some tips you can follow to maintain your scissors:
6.After every use, wash with soap and hot water. Make sure to reach the area between the blade and the handle.
7.Dry scissors by hand with a clean towel immediately after washing especially the hard-to-reach areas.
8.We recommend washing by hand and keeping the kitchen scissors dry after washing so that the blades can keep sharp.

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