Sugarcane Peeler Knife factory

Multipurpose peeler, easy peeling of pineapple, sugarcane and pumpkin
Sharp, Durable, NOT wasting fruit

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Details about Sugarcane Peeler Knife factory

1. Thickened and enlarged cane knife, sharp cutting, impact and abrasion resistance.
2. Carbon steel material, not easy to rust, not only can peel sugar cane, but also help you remove pineapple skin, convenient and practical

3. Double-blades design, can be peeled or chopped, sharp blades and sturdy

4. Knife surface removable, easy to polish, still sharp

5.the knife blades is connected together with knife handle, which is very strong, blades is no fall off


1. The blade is sharp, in order to your safety, do not test the blade with your hands.
2. Carbon steel material, if not well stored will cause rust. The knife body is protected by a layer of rust oil, so wash and wipe before use.
In order to long use, please use the cooking oil on the blades surface for long use.

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