Seafood Shears

A good helper enjoy delicious life.
The perfect scissors to cut through hard shellfish.
Ideal for crab legs, lobsters, crawfish, shrimp and scampis.
A shears can do many things, not just eat crabs.

Weight 86 g
Dimensions 17.7 × 57 cm

Stainless steel 2Cr14+ABS plastic




As photos or Customize


single blister card or customize pacakge

Details about Seafood Shears

1.Strictly control the sharpness of the cutting blade.
2.The saw-tooth and anti-skid design of the cutting blade makes it easy to cut crab legs and lobsters.
3.A high-strength spring on the handle,It can automatically spring back when cutting.
4.When finished using the shears, pls push the button to lock the scissors and store it conveniently.

How to use the crab scissors to eat carb ?
1. First cut the 8 legs and two large tongs of the big crab.
After letting it cool, the crab meat will automatically separate from the crab shell.
It is easy to be stab or sucked out, so save it and eat it last.
2. Peel off the crab cover (that is, a small piece of cover on the belly of the crab, male and female crabs have different shapes) to remove the crab shell.
3. Eat the crab shell first, scoop out the middle part of the crab stomach with a small spoon, and gently suck the crab roe on the outside.
4. After eating the crab shell and turn to the crab body, first use scissors to reduce the excess crab feet, crab mouth and crab lungs, and use a spoon handle to pick out a hexagonal piece in the middle of the crab body, which is the crab heart part. Part.
5. Use scissors to cut the crab legs into three pieces. First, use the tip of the crab to poke out the middle section of the crab leg, and use the thick end of the crab toe to poke out the meat of the front section of the crab leg