Garlic Press Factory

Large-capacity garlic chamber
Efficient hole pattern maximizes amount of garlic pressed
Soft, comfortable, non-slip handles absorb pressure while squeezing
Stainless steel 430

Weight 102 g
Dimensions 17 × 3 cm

Food PP+stainless steel 430




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Details about Garlic Press Factory

1.Garlic Press- This garlic press will ensure that you get the most extract from your garlic cloves with the least of effort! Simply put the peeled cloves into the press and push it
2.Ergonomic Handle- The garlic press features an ergonomic, soft, easy-squeeze handle specially designed to put the least amount of stress on your fingers, hands, and wrists, while still promising maximum output.
3.The uniform pores are 3MM, and the rolled garlic is delicate and full, which is very suitable for ingredients.

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