Forged Knives

A forged knife can be used and last at least 20 years.
Cut and slice with one forged knife.
Scientific blade design, sharp blade, cut vegetables and meat, easy to slice.
Chop chicken and duck, fish bones, spare ribs, chop the bones neatly.
Chopping is easy, the cutting edge is sharp and durable, saving time and effort.

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 19 × 8.8 cm

Molybdenum vanadium steel + wood handle




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Color box or Customize

Details about Forged Knives

A mirror cutting and slicing knife, the blade is forged, and the surface is repeatedly polished to become a mirror surface to prevent rust.
We continue to forge with the ancient craftsmanship, and we have worked hard.
The design of the blade is wider, which increases the feeling of falling when used, cutting sharply, saving time and effort.
The non-slip round handle is comfortable to the touch, and the handle does not take off.
Forging and thinning blade edge, repeated folding hammer forging, the hammering method is durable and sharp.
The back of the knife is polished and has a moderate thickness, making it easier to cut.
Chop bones, slice meat, and cut vegetables.

Production Process of forged knife : in the quenching-hammer-tempering-clamping steel-hammer-quenching-tempering and other contiuous cycle operations.