Bone Knives Factory

The back of the knife is polished and metal wire drawing.
the back of the knife is polished, polished and polished to prevent corrosion and rust,
Bright and beautiful and easy to clean.

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 30 × 11.5 cm

Germany stainless steel + wood handle




we can change the handle color as your custom



Details about Bone Knives Factory

The blade has been forged with thousands of hammers and has a clear surface.
Concave-convex texture, after beating, combined with the high temperature treatment of setback.
the blade hardness is increased and the blade is sharp.
Keep from the traditional cutting method, wet cutting, the cutting edge is sharp and durable.
Curved blade line. It is not easy to curl, and it is easy and time-saving.

Production Process of bone knife : in the quenching-hammer-tempering-clamping steel-hammer-quenching-tempering and other contiuous cycle operations.

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